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Added on Thursday 19 April 2018

Caviar Sturia…French luxury

Invited by the Sturia house, Hôtellerie Française has discovered the caviar of Aquitaine for a beautiful and original and subtle experience … .Terre et mer, a gourmet association in a haute couture spirit!
Sturia caviar, an exclusive range of tailor-made caviar.
It is the story of a mythical fish from another time and its precious eggs. A real black gold from the Aquitaine terroir, the Sturia house offers caviars made from Baerii sturgeon and Osciètre sturgeon, born and bred in Aquitaine. A pioneer in sturgeon farming and aware of the privilege of developing an exceptional product in an exceptional region, caviar is carefully selected grain by grain.
It brings a dose of luxury and allows all the ingredients to stand out. We love the salty side that caviar brings to any dish as a natural seasoning.
There is not a perfect combination but a multitude of possibilities of flavor associations! These marriages promise to transcend the pleasure of a product.

We recommend you to taste it with a premium vodka from the house Pyla of great purity and appreciated for its peppery notes, but also with a wine from the same region, a dry white wine type semillon sauvignon Bordeaux like the cuvée R de Rieussec from Domaine Baron de Rothschild or a Champagne! (Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume with moderation).
Call us to help you put it on your cards!

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