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Implementing preventive measures in your company

Prevent back and joint pain

Favour a design and materials that facilitate maintenance and limit awkward postures (walk-in showers, movable walls, easily cleaned furniture, etc.).
Make technical aids available to raise the bed, to facilitate the covering and uncovering of comforters, and for handling (motorized floor carts, trolleys, hand trucks, etc.).
Choose light and manageable equipment (iron, vacuum cleaner, telescopic cleaning equipment, etc.).
Arrange for maids to work in pairs for physically demanding tasks

Prevent the risk of falls

Organize the activity and design your premises to limit movement.
Identify and promptly repair areas where the floor is damaged, slippery or uneven.
Keep access and traffic areas clear to avoid tripping while moving. Do not store products or equipment in hallways, stairways, etc.
Use safe equipment for tasks at heights (e.g., lightweight rolling platforms).
Use non-slip flooring in wet areas.

Prevent the risks of poisoning and allergies

Replace dangerous products with less dangerous or non-hazardous products.
Use steam cleaners to limit the use of chemicals.
Define and enforce a precise cleaning plan (choice of products, dosage, etc.).
Organize the storage of chemicals (ventilation, lighting, retention tank).
Train employees to read product labels and the dangers of mixing products.
Provide and have employees wear appropriate personal protective equipment (masks, gloves).

Prevent the risks of stress and aggression

Anticipate peaks in activity: pre-selection of seasonal workers, preparation of keys for groups, etc.
Organize the follow-up of incidents in order to identify and treat recurring causes.
Arrange the reception area to allow employees to escape from an attack: evacuation to a back office for example.
Encourage mutual aid and communication between teams.

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