Added on Wednesday 13 October 2021

“What if we adopt an ecological approach?”

To save water and limit pollution

– Outside, clean with water (chemical products end up in nature)

– Set up a rainwater recovery system (for watering, flushing toilets, washing floors, etc.)

– Respect the doses of products

– Wash clothes at 30° and choose a short cycle (often, it is enough)

– Reduce the flow of water from the taps

– Recover stained tablecloths to make napkins or aprons

– Favour showers or install low bathtubs

– Dose precisely the quantity of product necessary to treat your pool water (connected object, expertise…)

To save energy

– First of all, review the thermal insulation of your establishment

– Use compact fluorescent or low consumption bulbs

– Switch to LED bulbs

– Install meters or timers for less frequented places

– Install motion detector lighting

– Provide openings to let in as much natural light as possible

– Opt for solar panels for buildings and pools

To manage waste in the best possible way

– Provide containers for waste sorting and recycling

– Make your own compost (requires the installation of one or more composters)

– Replace bathroom amenities with wall mounted dispensers

– Distribute reusable water bottles in the rooms

– Provide reusable cups in the rooms, instead of plastic ones

– Give a second life to bed and bathroom linen

– For the breakfast buffet, choose small plates to limit the intake of too much food

– Donate surplus food to charitable organizations

To buy responsibly

– For breakfast: avoid individual packaging as much as possible, make available in bulk

– For coffee, eliminate individual pods

– Opt for cloth napkins because they are reusable

– Favour recyclable packaging (ask your suppliers)

– Offer organic cuisine

– Cook with local and seasonal products

– Make bicycles available to clients and/or employees


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