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Audit and Advice Coaching Training

Audit and advice

Audit and advice

Each client is unique, each service and needs are tailor-made.

Audits are the most important element in improving the level of service of a hotel or a restaurant. An inventory, done by experienced professionals, is essential to identify issues.

Degradation or poor quality of service may result in a bad reputation or a low profile of your establishment.

The quality audit is a methodical examination of a structure, a complete vision of your establishment, the different departments or a service made by a team of professionals who draws up a complete objective statement and allows to identify possible progress. The audit also verifies the conformity of your quality approach.

The purpose of the audit is not to make a judgment but to help and assist in improving the quality of the various services, and to optimize customer satisfaction.

Why audit?

  • To measure the quality offered to your customers.
  • To determine if your institution is in tune with new trends and technologies.
  • To know your positioning in front of the competitors.
  • To know if your procedures are always adapted and respected.
  • To measure your staff involvement and evaluate the organization of work.

Our audit methodology is as follows :

  • A preliminary interview with the management and then with the staff makes it possible to take into consideration the problems encountered.
  • An on-site audit identifies staff duties and defines specific checkpoints at the hotel.
  • Each mystery visit is followed by a debriefing with management.
  • A comprehensive audit report is prepared. It includes: identification of the problems encountered, recommendations on the actions to be taken, study of the adapted solutions, the proposal of setting up a training plan if necessary.
  • Support throughout the mission is implemented.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the actions carried out are ensured.

We guarantee during our audit and consulting missions:

  • Clear proposals to improve your offers.
  • An optimization of your organization.
  • Quality improvement within your Company.

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For more information, to establish a tailor-made service, to receive a commercial proposal, and to make an appointment, do not hesitate to contact us by phone at +33 1 88 32 02 75  or directly at contact@hotelleriefrancaise.com


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Coaching-Consulting can be either an individual or group coaching – this coaching allows the individual and/or team to work on predefined issues.

It is a tailor-made training dedicated to the hotel and restaurant sector. We help you make relationships more fluid and concrete. We can understand your problem, analyze it, and define solutions together.

You encounter a problem, you need to exchange and support; do not struggle alone – call us.

Coaching examples:

  • A department head encounters communication difficulties with his department
  • A manager encounters a positioning difficulty
  • Management wants to create momentum in teamwork
  • A leader who is going through a professional and personal transition and wants to be guided in his choices
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Our experience is at your service. We have designed courses that perfectly meet your expectations and needs.

We know how to optimize your skills and improve your employees. The training is immediately usable because it provides the concrete tools for an application in the field.

We are here to accompany you before, during, and after the training – we provide you an attentive follow-up.

Our quality training alternates between theory and scenario. Based on a back-and-forth exchange and listening to your needs, we personalize your training to better target the needs of your contributors:

  • This allows to federate your teams.
  • Training is not outsourced.
  • Training is carried out within your establishment.
  • Training is scalable and adaptable to every business situation. It is elaborated in consultation with each establishment’s needs.

Each training is flexible as desired. Calling on us means allowing your teams to benefit from a qualitative service and respond to customer satisfaction and loyalty. We offer training in different trades but your needs are unique and we work tailor-made. We will guide you through your needs. The reception of people with disabilities is planned: an individual interview will define the training possibilities according to the disabilities. The host company will undertake to be able to give access to and receive people with disabilities.

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Our training offers:



Customer welcome :

  • Offer a welcoming and loyal service by improving communication.
  • Manage conflictual and stressful situations.
  • Welcome and offer a quality stay to guests with disabilities.
Telephone reception in the hotel industry :

  • Master reception techniques on the phone.
  • Become familiar with the phone and set-up procédures.
  • Acquire the techniques of receiving calls.
Reception procedures :

  • Inform the customer about the establishment's services and the booking conditions.
  • Master the booking procedures, check-in, and check-out.
  • To know how to answer the requests of the customers during their stay.
  • Deal with customer disputes.
The welcome adapted to the cultural specificities of the customers :

  • Improve the reception experience for foreign customers by having a better knowledge of their habits and customs - and offer a service in-line with their expectations.
  • Get to know customers better in order to serve them better.
Difficult customer management (Adapted according to the service) :

  • Master reception techniques on the phone.
  • Acquire knowledge and operational know-how in call reception techniques.
  • Know how to manage conflicts in a catering service, reception, floor ...
  • Know how to organize and coordinate a team to avoid difficult situations.
  • Understand the origins of relational conflict.
  • Know how to position yourself as the manager in a conflict.
Yield management :

  • Analyze and forecast attendance.
  • Optimize réservations.
  • Work on differential price offers.
  • Globalize the revenue management process.
Concierge :

  • Know how to lead a client and meet their expectations.
  • Supervise all internal services provided to customers.
  • Supervise and coordinate the team of employees in the hall.
  • Inform the clientele about the internal and external services provided at the hotel.
  • Inform and assist all the customers of the hotel, French or foreign, by making use of the spoken languages.
  • Use the computer and logistics equipment specific to the establishment.
  • Know how to write letters or e-Mails.
Training for porters - developing the quality of the reception :

  • Improve reception techniques for shuttle drivers, valet drivers and baggage handlers.
  • Valorize the function and improve the quality of service of the different trades.
  • Apply improved hospitality and service techniques.
  • Adopt a professional behavior suitable for the expectations of a luxury hotel industry.
Management for housekeeper :

  • Optimize the function of housekeeper in the organization, and ensure proper time management.
  • Analyze and discover the different ways to better organize.
  • Auto-control and improve their methods.
  • Position yourself as a guarantor of the image of the establishment.
  • The role of manager.
Training for maid :

  • Better organize and structure your work.
  • Analyze and discover the different ways to better organize.
  • Auto-control and improve their methods.
  • Offer a quality service in the image of the hotel.
  • Know the laundry circuit.
  • Set up and / or follow a quality approach.
Offer a positive image of the establishment by valuing its own image :

  • Work and value your image vis-à-vis the customer
  • Know the basics of what can be a positive and appropriate image for one's own hotel
Well being at work :

  • Make work less painful.
  • Prevent work accidents.
  • Fight against bodily tension, balance emotions, and increase availability.
  • Acquire techniques to regulate the physical manifestations of stress.
  • Stay under control in stressful situations to maximize your performance level.
The art of restaurant service :

  • Offer a quality service in catering.
  • Know how to welcome, serve, and accompany the client.
  • Know the quality approach and know how to apply it in catering.
  • To be able to choose one's own approach in terms of objectives, methods, and means.
Bar techniques - create a map - offer an animation :

  • Know how to offer a great welcome and impeccable service at the bar.
  • Develop product knowledge.
  • Boost sales : set up cocktail cards, mocktails.
  • Barista workshop : offer customers an excellent coffee (set up cards) - coffee and tea based cocktails.
Presentation techniques of buffets :

  • The different existing buffets.
  • Highlight a buffet's préparations.
  • Improve your creativity in the realization of your buffets.
Know the wine and know how to sell it better :

  • Optimize sales media and wine list.
  • Know the different styles of wines.
  • Know your sales structure and make it evolve.
  • Learn about tasting, knowledge of major wine régions.
  • Know how to surprise your client - To sublimate the service of the wines, to know how to work with refinement and elegance.
Mastery and cleaning techniques :

  • Identify the main principles of food hygiene regulations applicable to food service establishments.
  • Identify the risks and consequences of poor hygiene in commercial catering.
  • Implement and justify the principles of hygiene in commercial catering.
  • Acquire the cleaning protocol of a kitchen from the beginning of service to the end of service.
  • Organize and plan the cleaning on the tasks of funds and execute the how and when.
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Communication and social media

Communication and social media

In an era where digital communication is constantly emerging, the presence on social networks as well as the website is essential to convey your values, to make discover your place and your services, to improve its visibility to its customers and to federate a community.

Today, the digital world is evolving. Thus, Facebook, Instagram and others have become essential to increase the visibility and awareness of an establishment. It is therefore important not to neglect this step and to establish a coherent, relevant and original presence on these platforms.

At Hôtellerie Française, we help you establish a communication plan adapted to your needs and your philosophy. We train you by providing you with all the necessary keys to make your website and your social networks live in order to set up and develop your business as it should.

Discover our offers specialized in the world of hotel and restaurant :

  • Take advantage of the help and support of a community manager and entrust us with the communication of your social networks.
  • Our trainings : available in our catalogs
  • The accompaniment and the audit of your site by supporting you on the modernization or the reorganization 



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